Hi, my name is Chris Cieślak.

Experienced product and project manager involved in development, aiming to automate processes with Generative AI.

You will ask, “What are your qualifications?”

I have experience. A lot of experience.

I started as a self-taught programmer. Already in elementary school, I wrote my first text-based trading game on the Commodore 64, which I still have today. During the dot-com boom, I launched the first local area network in my neighborhood without practical knowledge, and it worked flawlessly. I worked as a salesperson in an electronics store chain and later as a senior visual effects programmer for major brands’ websites. I designed and animated advertisements. I joined a punk-metal band as a drummer, and it was cool as hell.

Then I founded a software house as a Project and later Product Manager, managing a multi-layered structured company.

ogether with the team, we developed advanced business management solutions for our clients, including awarded IoT solutions. I was a lecturer at a university, imparting knowledge about UX and UI to future technology enthusiasts. I also participated in the Dubai GITEX trade fair.

I am an enthusiast of Generative AI, Web3, and any kind of automation. I provide consulting in digital transformation and have fallen in love with LLMs, Python, Keras, and PyTorch.

And it’s just the begining…

I’ve worked with some of the best companies.

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